From October 3rd-6th, 45 clergy couples from all Metropolises and seasons of life gathered in Chicago for the first-ever Archdiocesan Clergy Couple Retreat, with the theme “Marriage and Ministry:  A Seamless Embrace,” that derives from the underlying conviction that healthy and holy marriages are directly connected to healthy and holy ministry.  We worshipped together, shared common meals, laughed and cried together, heard four outstanding presentations on topics related to marriage, spent time alone working on our marriages with prepared discussion questions, engaged in small-group discussions on various intersections of the clergy-couple marriage and the parish family, and enjoyed fellowship with one another in a beautiful, relaxed, natural setting.  The Center for Family Care, with support from priests and presvyteres of the Chicago and other Metropolises, hosted the retreat.  Participants expressed resounding support to hold this event every two years. Here are some responses to the following statement on the evaluation:  Describe in one sentence what this retreat has meant for you. 
  • “A lifeblood for my marriage and care from our Church and Archdiocese.”
  • “Renewal.”
  • “An opportunity to be vulnerable with people who were able to mirror the same vulnerability and a great opportunity to feel that we belong to an amazing community of fellow clergy who are experiencing the same struggles.”
  • “… a marriage recharge.”
  • “This retreat brought us a lot of joy.”
  • “Hope.”
  • “A big step toward deeper intimacy and understanding of each other.”
  • “I feel recharged!”
  • “Reconnection.”
  • “Being with other clergy couples in this setting has been energizing and healing for us.”
  • “The waking up of our marriage and the awareness of the national community/support we have.”
Thankfully the four presentations offered are now available for viewing. These videos are only available for viewing on this website.

Photos from the Retreat