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Article: Sabbath-Keeping for Pastors

"Sabbath-Keeping for Pastors"  In this article the author, Abram Kielsmeier-Jones, presents some compelling biblical, research-based and anecdotal evidence for "sabbath-keeping." The article can be found at:

Article: Sabbath-Keeping for Pastors2018-09-05T10:47:24-04:00

Article: What I Can and Can’t Discuss at Home

This article, "What I Can and Can't Discuss at Home," by Michael E. Phillips, addresses some of the matters clergy couples can consider in the ongoing challenge of what the husband and wife share with one another, particularly what the husband shares with the wife about the parish.  The article is written from a Protestant [...]

Article: What I Can and Can’t Discuss at Home2018-08-30T11:32:46-04:00

Memory Eternal – Presvytera Margaret Orfanakos

Presvytera Margaret was known and dear to many presvyteres as a mentor and friend.  Her funeral was beautifully fitting for who she was, first and foremost, a devout Orthodox Christian woman who served Christ's Vineyard faithfully beside her husband for many years.  She left an indelible mark on the life of the Church through her [...]

Memory Eternal – Presvytera Margaret Orfanakos2018-08-20T08:05:08-04:00

Featured Article: For the Love of Tuna

"For the Love of Tuna," is a beautiful reflection by Fr. Dcn. Stephen Muse. It is ideal for reading together with your spouse and discussing with one another the implications for your life as an Orthodox Christian, as a husband or wife, and as a priest or presvytera. It can be found at:

Featured Article: For the Love of Tuna2018-08-08T11:16:31-04:00

Featured Resource: The Marriage Minute

The Marriage Minute from the Gottman Institute is a free resource that is emailed to you twice each week. Based on years of research and the principle that small things can make a difference in our marriage,  each Marriage Minute is a small teaching tool to help deepen the marriage relationship.  In the words of the [...]

Featured Resource: The Marriage Minute2018-08-01T09:17:00-04:00

Article: “Priests Are Not Paid to Do Anything”

"Priests Are Not Paid to Do Anything," by Zac Koons, This article, written by a young Episcopal priest, distinguishes between a stipend and a salary and the ramifications thereof for priestly ministry. The article provides food for thought and reflection. Here is a brief excerpt: "Some weeks I feel like I have limitless flexibility [...]

Article: “Priests Are Not Paid to Do Anything”2018-07-16T08:20:06-04:00

Upcoming Webinar: Caring for the Dying:  Listening to God

On Thursday, May 17th at 3:00 PM (EST), Dr. Tom Miller will offer a webinar exclusively for clergy couples entitled: Caring for the Dying:  Listening to God.  As clergy couples, we are often called upon to be with parishioners and their families when they face serious illness and are stripped of their own resources.  Such situations are opportunities [...]

Upcoming Webinar: Caring for the Dying:  Listening to God2018-05-22T08:38:52-04:00


Quoted from the synopsis of the podcast on Ancient Faith:  "Our “Men in Black” are shepherds who lead us to a better life here and now and in the hereafter. So, who is helping them and tending to their needs? Bill Marianes welcomes his special guests including Reverend Dr. Nicholas Louh and Presvytera Dr. Roxanne [...]


A Job Like No Other

"A Job Like No Other," an outstanding article written for "The Orthodox Observer" by Cindy Karos on her understanding of the responsibilities of the priest and its impact on the family.

A Job Like No Other2018-03-06T15:25:34-04:00