“Priests Are Not Paid to Do Anything,” by Zac Koons, https://livingchurch.org/covenant/2017/08/21/priests-are-not-paid-to-do-anything/

This article, written by a young Episcopal priest, distinguishes between a stipend and a salary and the ramifications thereof for priestly ministry. The article provides food for thought and reflection. Here is a brief excerpt: “Some weeks I feel like I have limitless flexibility with astoundingly little to do. I can write a sermon at the dog park. I can run home for lunch. And I never wait in line at the barber. But then there are others that feel like I’ve been thrown into a marathon I never had a chance to train for. Emails get missed, hospital visits get rushed, and we eat one or two too many takeout dinners at home. In a strange way, I can see both how easy it would be to become lazy in this job, and simultaneously how easy it would be to become a workaholic.”