Online Resources

Marriage General, Non-Orthodox

    • This is a Roman Catholic website of a RC counseling center in PA, with several outstanding articles on various marriage and family conflicts, as well as some webinars.

For the Presvytera, Orthodox

For the Presvytera, Non-Orthodox

This website is managed by the wife of an evangelical pastor and is populated with articles and resources that focus on "thriving in the fishbowl."  Though some of the perspectives are more Protestant in nature, there is much on this website that is compatible with and helpful for the presvytera.

From the home page, this website is  “an equipping community for ministry wives.”  This website has articles and resources relevant to life as a “ministry wife.”  It is administered by women coming from a Protestant perspective and is best viewed with discernment, though most of what you will find in it is compatible with Orthodoxy.  Some good insights and practicalities are offered on this site.

For the Priest, Orthodox

  • This is a website with many articles written primarily by priests on issues of the priestly vocation.  It also includes a section for clergy wives.