Michelle Aulthouse, “Clergy Families:  The Helpless Forgottens’ Cry for Help Answered Through Reality Therapy.” This study offers a selective literature review of more recent studies on members of the clergy family and recommendations for a therapeutic model to be used with clergy families. Together with the recent results of the Priest/Presvytera study by the Danielsen Institute, this article beckons us to think about the stressors in our lives that are connected to ministry and what we are doing to manage those stressors in our lives.  Please note that since this much of the research has been done with Protestant clergy couples, as Orthodox, the article contains some elements that will not resonate with us (i.e., husbands as clergy spouses).

The article can be found at:  https://www.counseling.org/docs/default-source/vistas/clergy-families-the-helpless-forgottens-cry-for-help.pdf?sfvrsn=9

After reading the article, please comment on the following questions:  What “ministry-related” stressor do you experience the most as a clergy couple?  How do you manage that stressor?