Some of those who have tuned in to the clergy couple webinars have indicated in your evaluations that you would like to see a webinar on dealing with/loving the difficult and hard-to-love members of our church families.  A webinar on this topic will be forthcoming.  In the meantime, two resources for support are provided through Christianity Today, particularly that part of this ministry dedicated to “Building Church Leaders.”  Though these resources come from an evangelical Protestant perspective, much of what is offered is fully compatible with Orthodoxy.  A small fee is charged for these resources. Below you will find the titles, a brief description, and the links to these two resources:
  1. Dealing with Difficult People —  All church leaders encounter difficult people at certain times in their ministry. With these brief and practical handouts, your leaders will be better equipped to handle those in the congregation prone to complaining and stirring up strife. They’ll learn about how conflict evolves and how to deal with it; ultimately, relationships within your congregation can be nurtured to build up effective followers of Jesus Christ —
  2. Loving Hard to Love People — This downloadable packet gives you wisdom for loving difficult people in your congregation, small group, ministry team, or workplace —