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Archived Webinar: Caring for the Dying: Listening to God.

As clergy couples, we are often called upon to be with parishioners and their families when they face serious illness. Such situations are opportunities to be the face of Christ in some of the most difficult circumstances people encounter in their lives.  In this webinar, Dr. Tom Miller discusses: how we might approach these times [...]

Archived Webinar: Caring for the Dying: Listening to God.2018-05-22T08:39:01-04:00

Clergy Initiative

Dear Father and Presvytera, Thank you for your interest in the Clergy Initiative - Ministerial Excellence Fund. The goal of the MEF is to have all of our clergy participate in financial literacy training and to provide grants for those having need to reduce or alleviate their financial challenges. By reducing these burdens, these grants [...]

Clergy Initiative2017-07-06T09:08:18-04:00

Clergy-in-Kairos Program for Priests and Clergy Couples

Clergy-in-Kairos Program for Priests and Clergy Couples at the Pastoral Institute, Columbus, GA Increasingly, priests and clergy couples are encountering a variety of challenges and effects of accumulated stress in their personal and relational life. Seeking support to work through these challenges can be a challenge in itself.  Below you will find: information on a 5-day [...]

Clergy-in-Kairos Program for Priests and Clergy Couples2017-04-21T10:53:14-04:00

What does marriage have to do with leadership

"What does marriage have to do with leadership?  If you are married, everything.  Nothing will undermine your effectiveness as a leader faster than a bad marriage."  What an important truth for priests and clergy wives! In the article, "How to Become Your Spouse's Best Friend: 3 Straightforward Steps to a Relationship that Lasts," Michael Hyatt [...]

What does marriage have to do with leadership2017-02-22T17:55:06-04:00

The Orthodox Clergy Wife

In the article, "The Orthodox Clergy Wife,"  Matushka Valerie Zahirsky, explores the "position" of the clergy wife, beginning the article with the question, "What does it mean to have a wonderful title, and no real job description?"  This is an article worth reading, as it provides a particular perspective based on the life experience of [...]

The Orthodox Clergy Wife2017-02-22T17:56:36-04:00

The Difference Between Compassion and Empathy

By Chris Kukk.  Written from a psychological perspective, it offers helpful insight for all of us involved in ministry.  Though not comprehensive in scope, it helps to begin the discussion about the dangers of empathy, something those of us in the "caring" professions are often encouraged to learn and practice.  Perhaps this more recent critique [...]

The Difference Between Compassion and Empathy2017-02-22T17:29:58-04:00

Self Care Tips for the Clergy Family

"Self Care Tips for the Clergy Family," written by a Protestant minister, succinctly describes some of the realities of clergy family life in America and some pointers for managing the common stressors of clergy families.  It is worth the read and can be found at:

Self Care Tips for the Clergy Family2017-02-22T17:30:18-04:00

“Confessions of a Ministry Introvert”

Below you will find the opening paragraphs of an outstanding article you can read in its entirety on the “Christianity Today” website.  This website is free; all you need to do to subscribe is to register.  Many outstanding, practical resources that are compatible with Orthodoxy can be found on this site.  This particular article explores [...]

“Confessions of a Ministry Introvert”2016-11-04T12:20:50-04:00